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CANopen communication board from FATEK

The CBCAN board is the communication board of the FBs PLC series from FATEK. It can be directly mounted on the extension board slot of the CPU module without the additional space. With the CBCAN, the PLC can directly communicate with other devices connected to the CANopen network.

CANopen is a CAN-based industrial protocol and is widely used in field applications, such as automatic controls for industrial machinery, automobile control systems, factory automation, medical equipment control, building automation, remote data collection and control, environmental monitoring and others.

Item Characteristics
Compliance with CAN 2.0A , DS301 V4.02
PDO quantity RPDO 10, maximum
TPDO 10, maximum

SDO quantity

Server 1
Client 1
Application Parameter Object 1,000 registers, maximum
Sync Master Configurable sync. time period
NMT Master Available via utility tool
Time Stamp Consumer
Error Control Heartbeat
Communication Baud Rate 20K, 50K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 750K, 1M, programmable



Remote operation Supported
Tooling PC software EasyCANopener
Method Modify via PLC communication port
Remote PLC Programming Supported
Vendor ID 2EF (Hexadecimal)
Signal Terminal 3-pin spring terminal
Electric Isolation Yes
Voltage/Current 5V, 150mA
Working Temperature 0-60C
Storage Temperature -20-80C


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