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Machine for cutting TS 8100

Milling machine TS 8100 is designed for milling profile mechanical cipher (PMC) "dimple" type. The machine is equipped with a linear manipulator which performs key transportation between workstations.


The machine can cut keys made from:

CuZn39Pb3 (uncoated and coated Ni 6 ... 10)


CuNi12Zn25Pb2 (Melchior)

The machine mills secret threads via profile cutter mounted on a precision spindle with controlled speed. 

The work moves of the spindle and key handling is performed by XYZ + A (rotating axis).

Milling the preparations is a dry process (lubricating and cooling liquids or emulsions are not being used).

The work data (codes for cutting) are managed by software,in which the operator creates the interface between the processing machine and the control unit.

There is a choice of different models of cutting. 


In the models ,fixed and variable processing parameters are programmed for the switch. Variable parameters are managed by the encoding tables.

The machine can perform up to 14 cuts for the "X" axis (cutting step) and 12 cuts the "Y" axis.

Keys must be submitted and unloaded to / from workstations via a linear manipulator.


Key preparations are loaded to the feeding station by vertical magazine device. Each device collects a minimum of 100 pieces of key preparations.



The machine is equipped with specialized software that consists of the following modules:


SCADA - Operator Interface for connection with all devices on the machine;
Softwaremodule transfering operating parameters of the LC and models to CNC.
Softwaremodules for management of milling stations;
Softwarelinear manipulator control module;
Softwaremarking station management module;
Softwaremodule management unit for "stitching" and "cleaning" stations;
SoftwareManagement module for Management and Unloading Station of pallets;
SoftwareSynchronization module for processes and control signals.
SoftwareOperator station.


The installed software:

Contains database with numbers, codes, secrecy and parameters of the key models.
Allows you to request the production of a series of keys.
Supports logical log containing the history of working with the program and the machine in days and hours. There are functions for managing production statistics.
Provides diagnostic system for monitoring and displaying the display of the functionalstate of the machine (error, improper operations, etc..).



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