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New electrical actuators from SMC

High reliability, easy setup, these are just some of the advantages of the new rotable electric actuators series LER, offered by SMC

Based on the success achieved by presenting a series of electric actuators LE on the market, the undisputed leaders in pneumatics SMC announced the creation of new, compact, highly reliable rotable electric actuators series LER with ability controling the position, velocity and acceleration at starting and braking..

LE are offered with its own controller with predefined output parameters of the drive. That decreases considerably the time for installing and programming.
Up to 64 points of exact positioning ± 0.05 º. There is an opportunity of adjustment in end position ±2º on fitting the additional external restraints. That increases the precision to ±0.01º.

Besides their standard performance the drives are capable of making a precise execution. The maximum rotable moment is 10 N.m. LER secure a smooth stroke, high speed of the movement up to 420º/s and acceleration to 3000º/s2.

If the lack of the fitting space is important, although the integrated step motor series LER are extremely compact due to their low-profile design.

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