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"Oasis" hotel, Sunny Beach

Purpose of the system:

  oazis-1The system is designed for remote sensing readings of water meters, heat meters and flow meters for oil. The accumulated values are recorded in the database. Entries are divided into two groups:

   Detailed - records are made every hour. Period which can be consulted is 30 days.
   Daily - records are made daily without limitation in the time period which may be consulted.

Structure of the system:

   To carry out remote sensing have been selected water meters and flow meters with pulse output, and heat meters are interrogated by MBUS communication channel.

  These measuring devices are connected to programmable logic controllers (PLC), which process the information they received, and recorded readings in its memory. These PLC-s are installed every two floors in each block. A network is a type of MASTER-SLAVE. The information is buffered in seven MASTER controllers, which transfer it to the database. The connection to the end user is done through a web based system for generating reports.

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