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About us

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      Kasi Automation Ltd. is established in the year of 2006. It works in the area of engineering and building systems for administrative, industrial, agricultural, public and residential buildings. The goal of the company is to offer to their clients contemporary solutions and qualified performance of the undertaken engagements by using company’s gain experience as a whole, and as well as the specialists who are working in Kasi Automation Ltd.
We are seeking to impose sincere and business style of work, which is conductive for efficient and inversely good activity.

The company extends the following range of activities and services:

  • Designing and constructing systems for control measuring devices and automation.
  • Building automation.
  • Systems for distance reading of the spending
  • Engineering and constructing systems for optimizing the energy costs.  
  • Engineering and building internal and external electrical installation;
  • Engineering and constructing information systems (computer systems, corporate TV and radio);
  • Engineering and building systems of security (video monitoring, fire reporting);
  • Fire reporting facilities;

       The company is in a state to offer to their customers building a comfortable environment combined with optimal using of the power resources. The leading direction is building and using of modern high-technology ware, which are guarantying the high quality and the profitableness of the air-conditioning installations that we offer. The specialists who are working in this company have long experience in designing and building of varied installations: for hospitals and operation rooms, offices and banks, hotels and big public buildings, residential buildings, restaurants and etc.

Kasi Automation Ltd. main object of action is designing and constructing systems of management for electric, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning facilities and systems of management and automation for industrial, agricultural, public and residential buildings, interrupted and uninterrupted processes, flow lines, manipulators and etc.

The company "Kasi Automation" Ltd. is taking  participation in some major europian projects:
Operative programme “Development of the human resources”
Plan for free financial assistance
BG051PO001/07/2.1-01 – “qualification services and training for occupied persons”

Number of the contract: ESF-2101-03-02004



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