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Residential house village Topola

Newly built house in Topola has two floors and is composed almost entirely of stone. On the first floor are the living room and a bedroom. On the second floor another bedroom, living room, toilet and bathroom. The rooms have 6 air conditioner and 2 Alterman Company Daikin. The underfloor heating is accomplished by the convector. The SCADA system manage the processes of heating and cooling.

The system Altherma by Daikin launched in Europe in late 2006 is specifically designed for highly efficient and comfortable heating and cooling of one and two-family houses. The use of inverter technology allows operation in heating mode at ambient temperatures to -20 ° C, the available electric heater provides the missing energy in the coldest days, and intelligent management of the entire system contributes to higher average coefficient of transformation. The system includes a computer simulation of the energy costs for each specific target.

Each device is operated by its own remote control (BRC), which submits commands to platform – Converter, converting them through MODBUS. WebSCADA set parameters to the PLC - programmable logic controller, and then it forwards them to the devices. WebSCADA Access is accomplished via Internet Browser (eg: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). After starting the system on the main screen can be observed: status (on / off) of Daikin devices, responsible for the premises and the status (on / off) of all convectors responsible for the premises, also the temperature indoor, the temperature outdoor and the water temperature of both Alterman.


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